Bobrick: Fire & Knife Bobrick Fire & Knife The first in a series of three videos produced by Merging Media capturing all of the highlights and moments Bobrick 2012 Sales conference in Hawaii. Transcript of video: Bobrick – Knife and Fire Throughout centuries on the islands, our people have been blessed and inspired by the aloha [...]

Perillo Tours: Omnibus Commercial Perillo Tours Omnibus Tour Steve Perillo informs viewers of Perillo Tours Omnibus Tour featuring amazingly beautiful Italy, Greece, Hawaii, and Costa Rica vacations. Transcript of video: Perillo Tours – Omnibus Commercial Hi, Steve with Perillo Tours. For over 70 years, Perillo Tours has been America’s favorite tour company to Italy. But today [...]

Bobrick: Mana

Bobrick Mana Mana means magic.  In this production by Merging Media, the magic of the Bobrick Mana Conference is captured with inspiration and awe. Transcript of video: Bobrick – Mana Fire. Water. Forces of nature beyond our control. And yet, not impossible to master.  For the fire and knife dancers, it’s all about skill and [...]

Perillo Tours: Million Memories Commercial Perillo Tours Million Memories  Perillo Tours Million Memories is a video production piece produced and created by Merging Media. This video is the perfect commercial to capture just a snippet of the most vast archives of all the incredible moments can too have on a tour by Perillo. So much to see [...]