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Seen by millions, this video has become a staple in the travel industry and Discover Italy with Perillo Tours is their most coveted and sought after escorted tours.

Transcript of video:

Perillo Tours – Discover Italy

Hi, I’m Steve Perillo for Perillo Tours in one of my favorite spots in the world Sorrento, Italy. People always ask me, “What’s it like to take a Perillo Tour to Italy?” So I decided to produce this program to give you a taste of Italy through our eyes. Sit back, relax and come with me as we discover Italy, Perillo-style.

Marguerite Thornell: It has been a dream come true. It is so wonderful here. It is breathtaking. To experience a Perillo Guide taking us to a city and then we’re in the countryside and just walking down the cobblestone streets and just seeing the way these people live every day. You see pictures every day and you read things about it and to be here is just completely different. I mean it’s just so amazing and I’m just making so many memories that we will never ever forget. We are all together here just sharing a dream. And it’s just been wonderful.

Paolo Ferrini: Their memories are my memories. We share something. It’s not only a tour. We’re sharing an experience of life. We show them Italy as if we’re ambassadors of this country. And when these people go back home, and they go to tell their friends what they’ve seen with their eyes, we feel happy. Because that is an accomplishment that Perillo Tours has been doing for three generations.

Karen Dinoto: It has so much exceeded our expectations. It’s indescribable. The service and the quality of everything with Perillo as well as Italy itself. No book can describe it. No pictures can describe it. It is just breathtaking.

Christine Mitchell: Coming with this particular tour has been like having a best friend that was already in Italy because we didn’t need to worry about the language, there was always somebody there to translate for us. If there was a problem, it was taken care of. It was perfect.

Anna Scrocca: You want to come to Italy worry-free, we are a serious company. With someone that loves you and wants to take care of you, you should choose Perillo. We give you the best not only of our country but also of our heart.

Joanne Breen: When you come here, you are embraced and you become a part of the country and I don’t think you can ever leave it behind once you have been here. I wish we had thought of doing this…I think you go through life and you keep saying one of these days we’re going to…some day we have to do this. And you put it off and put other priorities in front of it all the time and once you have done it, you realize you could have done it and you could have done it, you should have done it because nobody knows what the future holds. There is never a reason to put off your life. If you can afford to do it, you should go ahead and do it as soon as you can.

Paolo Ferrini: Come to Italy. Not only does our country offer wonderful sites, but because we love to have you here, we have been receiving groups from the United States for three generations. I’ve been leading myself over 10,000 citizens of America. We have an entire staff here ready to welcome you, to show you around. To give you the opportunity to discover this country exploiting our skills. Come to Italy with us. We will show you the most beautiful side of Italy and at the end, you have really discovered this country.

Pamela Graham: For the first time when you are in a city that you’ve never been, this is the way to go because they take you, they get you there, they get you there quickly, they get you up in the front of the line. It’s the best, the best way. I wouldn’t do it another way.

Joanne Traskiewicz: This is the first tour I’ve ever been on like this and it’s more than I dreamed. It really is.

John Miller: Talk to someone that’s been on a Perillo tour. Truly. Talk to someone whose been on a tour and I guarantee that 9.9 out of 10 times they will say that’s is the only way to go. Don’t try to do something on your own. Take a guided tour. Everything has been taken care of. Perillo has provided every convenience that I could want. That is truly the only way to go.

Andria Miller: Enjoy the fact that you’re going to be pampered. You don’t really have anything to worry about. Just go and enjoy the sites and see as many as you possibly can. Take your free time and go and look. Don’t be afraid because it’s really easy to get around here. There’s enough English spoken here that you’re not going to get lost or be left behind. So, it’s like being at home only better.

Veronica Schnell: Perillo Tours is everything. They arrange the details. They pamper you. The bus comes and takes you and the tour guides are there. You don’t have to life a finger. I can’t speak highly enough of Perillo Tours. They do everything.

Michael Macario: That’s what I like about the trip. It’s a no-brainer. You just meet down when you’re supposed to meet down in the morning or meet in the evening when you’re supposed to go to dinner and that’s all you have to worry about that. Is that one deadline. That’s it.

Jim Breen: I’m going to start off by saying that I love that the toughest decision I have all day is whether I have fish or meat for my second course. I really enjoy the fact that everything is taken care of for me. That if there is some free time, usually there are some tours that we can purchase and use up our free time that way or because there is no pressure, we can actually see things that we’ve seen already again.

Robert Mitchell: Perillo basically has handled everything from the time we walked off the airplane in Venice through the entire trip they have handled everything. We didn’t have to worry about anything and, not only that, but we managed to get into the various areas that we’ve seen, the various churches and museums and other activities because they have arranged it all for us. We didn’t have to worry about trying to get a hold of tickets or how to get to one place or another and that is such a relief. It makes it so much easier. It makes it so much more relaxing that someone else has planned this for you. And they have done such an excellent job doing it. In fact, I thought about the types of hotels that we’ve stayed in and the quality of the hotels and all the things we’ve seen and how well it’s been planned and there’s no way an individual could duplicate this without a tour. And without a tour that has been done very well and that Perillo has done just an excellent job in my opinion.

Karen Dinoto: I travel to many places…many, many places and this has actually been the most amazing thing I have ever seen. There are no pictures, no books that you can ever see that truly capture the beauty here. And Perillo has been great, first-class all the way especially not having to wait in line. Everywhere we go you go right to the beginning of the line. The buses, the transportation, everything has been arranged for you. It has been such a pleasure.

Katherine Weathers: Well, I guess they, Perillo, takes care of everything. Even this tour was better than the other one because of all the different places we’ve gone and the lovely restaurants. The first time I brought my daughter so it’s just been a wonderful family thing, you know. To do different generations. First my daughter, now my granddaughter.

Anna Scrocca: The hotels that we provide are all four or five star hotels and they are among the best a tour company can offer. They’re all in a good location.

Carla Dobbins: The accommodations were better. I like the idea of the buses coming practically right to your door. Especially being a senior, you know it’s kind of easy.

Robert Mazzara: Perillo hotels are right in the middle of the action. In Venice, we stayed right on the Grand Canal with a beautiful view off the terrace of the whole Grand Canal and in Rome we were right downtown. In Florence, we were steps away from the historical city central.

Misc: We have the most wonderful tour guide and he is just putting his whole personality into the way he talks about everything. So we feel like we’re really part of the region wherever we’re going.

Wes Traskiewicz: He’s a caring person. He will do whatever it takes to make sure everybody is happy and he has an interest in everyone. I think Paolo has become a friend more than a tour guide.

Woman: He is a part of the tour. It’s not just the cities and I think it’s a lot like all of the people who are a part of the tour also who walk you through the different museums. Everybody is very professional, but very excited and passionate about what they do. And I think that passion comes through and just makes the tour all that more special.

Debra LaCour: Paolo, magnifico. He’s just terrific. He’s so much fun and he makes everything just great. He’s a great storyteller and when we do travel on the bus for some duration we just have a blast with him. It’s fun. Fabulous.

Man: From the get-go, I thought this guy was great. He was going to make the trip. Because I think a person in that position is going to make it or break it and right off the bat you could tell he was fun, he was warm, he was patient. You know, you could tell he was a professional, he’s done this before and just made us feel right at home and he was going to take care of everything. And there were no headaches.

Man: The food is awesome. It’s better than anything you can get back in America. Real authentic Italian cooking. Every night is something different. You try things you never heard of before but then there’s all the lasagna and rigatoni and there’s all the staples you imagine but there’s the new things they have to try.

Michele LaCour: I love the food. I thought it would be just like the pasta in America, but it’s not at all. It’s fresh and amazing.

Lisa Citro: It’s very fresh. Very nice. I love pasta. I always have pasta, so I was like so impressed with the spaghetti, the penne. Everything. I was like yes, the pasta it tastes so good.

Jenny Connell: Yes. The food is the best part. I loved it. It’s amazing.

Anna Scrocca: They are assisted and protected by us 24 hours a day. We are always available. They can rely on us for anything.

Woman: They really know how to intertwine going from city, then you have a little flavor of the country and just the thing where they take you, how they go about it. Really being very care of everyone, the safety of everyone. Really on top of things. Really top-notch, first-class. And I would never go any other way if I come again and I hope I do. This is the way to go.

Woman: First-class hotels, the food, everything just seemed so well planned. That’s why we chose Perillo.

Woman: Everything is taken care of to the last detail. There’s only one way. Perillo Tours. You will be pampered. You will love it.

Man: Perillo has been a knock out. Absolutely.

Woman: If I’m going to travel to Italy, I’m going to travel Perillo.

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