84 Lumber Doors How-To
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84 Lumber Doors How-To video, produced by Merging Media, features host, George, as he explains to homeowners how to measure and properly prepare for the replacement of doors within their home. This video production piece is part of a How-To compilation created by Merging Media. Check out 84 Lumber Flooring How-To next!


Transcript of video:

84 Lumber Doors How-To Video

Hi, I’m George Messer for 84 Lumber. You can make a significant change to the appearance of your home with a new exterior door.
Today’s doors offer a variety of color, glass and material options as well as unparalleled energy savings and longevity.
If you look into replacing your existing door, you can take a few quick measurements to help the project professionals at 84.
In this application, we have a door with a side window. You want to measure from the inside of this casing to the inside of this casing.
And from the underside of the casing, down to the floor. Now, if you just have a door, the measurement is simple.
You take the width of the slab and the height of the slab. This measurement also works when you’re dealing with your interior doors.
Our project professionals are ready to show you why at 84 Lumber you can build on what we know.