84 Lumber Kitchen How-To
Project Professionals

84 Lumber Kitchen How-To video, produced by Merging Media, features project professionals at 84 lumber working closely with homeowners to chose the right materials for them and their how-to project. If you like this video production piece, head over to 84 Lumber Bathroom How-To.


Transcript of video:

84 Lumber Kitchen How-To Video

Hi, I’m George Messer for 84 Lumber. One of the most significant remodeling projects you can undertake is your kitchen.
The end result can be a more beautiful, functional and valuable space if you take the time to plan properly.
If you decide you want to renew your kitchen, you want to get yourself a measuring tape and a piece of graph paper.
The first step to determining a preliminary layout is get an overall measurement of the space plus your ceiling height.
You also want to note the location of your appliances, the sink and any doorways and passers you may have.
If you have a window in your space, you want to get a measurement of the width and the height of the opening.
You also want to measure from the bottom of the window to the floor.
Take this layout in to the project professionals at 84 Lumber so they can help you get started today.
Regardless of what direction you take, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure a well-planned, functional and beautiful kitchen.
Our project professionals are ready to show you why at 84 Lumber you can build on what we know.