Bobrick Execution
2006 Business Conference

Bobrick Execution video features part three of the four part video production series created by Merging Media for the 2006 Bobrick business conference.

Transcript of video:

Bobrick – 2006 Execution

After I develop my vision and crafted a game-winning strategy, there’s really nothing left to do. Except the work. Inspiration turns into perspiration. There’s no way around it.

Now is the time to bring all the pieces together. Each cycle we get better. Each day shows us what we can do and how far we can push ourselves. We test the physical limits of our bodies and stretch the mental toughness of our minds.

Execution – it’s where the weak are sorted out for change and become stronger, to where each individual is challenged to be their best. It’s a continuous trial of endurance and of mind over matter. My job is to help them develop the inner strength they never knew they had.

In order to execute our vision flawlessly and gracefully, I have to set the bar high. I need to push my team, measure their progress and monitor their results. As a coach, I prepare my team for that moment of excellence when execution matters most.

Execution takes inspiration, our vision and the road map of our strategy and puts it all into action. Execution relentlessly drives us towards the completion of our goal and the achievement of our aspirations.