Bobrick Mana

Mana means magic.  In this production by Merging Media, the magic of the Bobrick Mana Conference is captured with inspiration and awe.

Transcript of video:

Bobrick – Mana

Fire. Water. Forces of nature beyond our control. And yet, not impossible to master.  For the fire and knife dancers, it’s all about skill and balance, teamwork and perseverance.

Kekipi Higa: Everything that the dance entails, it requires you to be authentic and true.

Mikaele Oloa: We all share the same love and passion for what we do and to do it all together is actually a very special privilege to be on the stage with another warrior as we say.

Thomas Thompson: It feels like we’re dancing with family. The person next to me is my brother and I wouldn’t want him to get hurt and he wouldn’t want me to get hurt.

Mikaele: You try to calm yourself down, take a deep breath, relax, go through it, you’ll get through it.

Kekipi: I’ll take care of me for you. And you take care of you, for me. And when we do it like that, we’re always on a winning team.

Thomas: When everything goes right, it’s a really good feeling.

Kekipi: The synergy that we experience together, moving together, performing together.

Mikaele: Everybody is doing all the right motions together. We’re all in sync.

Accomplishing a single goal together, it definitely builds momentum which raises our belief in each other and ourselves and allows us to take even bigger risks in the future.

For the surfer, it’s about focus, preparation, stability and conquering the fear.

Buzzy Kerbox: Fear, skill, balance, judgment, selecting the right wave all become components of what could be a life or death situation. I call it “position for possession.” If you’re not in the right spot when the set comes. If you’re not paddling hard, you’re not going to get a wave. You’ll be sitting there waiting for the next set, another opportunity. Respect the ocean from the moment you enter it and you have to be on guard. It’s the greatest place to play and have fun. But it can take your life, it can make you smile, it’s like no other element on earth.

These powerful elements can be mastered by any individual who is disciplined and committed. When these forces come together, they make magic or as we say in Hawaii, mana.

Chet Webb: We always compete. We always have someone we’re trying to beat and if you have that urge to compete, as I do, that means I got to compete my entire life, business life, and I got to beat some people that were really good and I got to do it with Bobrick and a company that gave me what I needed to do it with. So for me, those were magic moments. Competition when you’re 64, 65 years old most people don’t need to do it. But it’s the fire in my life and I’ve enjoyed it more than you can imagine.

Woman with necklace: The mana of my world is a sales call because you see it’s there. That’s where the magic is. It’s where every big idea that marketing ever had, every service that they put together, every feature and benefit that they outlined for us, is presented to somebody who has a choice and he has a choice, “do I buy this or do I buy from someone else?” And, frankly, the magic is he never wants to buy anything else. They almost always want Bobrick because marketing and sales and manufacturing and the brand and all the things that converged that day on that moment, on that call, that’s where the magic is.

Man with glasses: The magic in my activities in Bobrick have always been fed back to me by my conversations with architects or building owners or distributors who in their conversations show an appreciation for the Bobrick brand.

Man in blue solid blue shirt: It may be different, it may be challenging, it may be something I never dreamed of being able to do before but I can do that because I have the skills. I believe I can do it and then seeing it happen. That’s when it’s really fun.

Man in checked blue shirt: I think the magic that happens at Bobrick often is when things aren’t exactly as they were supposed to be. And someone says, regardless of what the policy is and regardless of what should happen right now we can do more, we can go beyond, we can look outside of the box and maybe push the envelope. That’s really when the magic happens. When somebody steps out on a limb and says, “We can do this. We’re better than the competition. We’re better than what’s out there. We’re Bobrick.” That’s magic for me.

Man in black shirt: The magic is not a thing. The magic was when I was able to look at the reps eyes and both of us were able to figure out we’re about to do something different. I think they never look down, they never look to the side. What they said is look forward, we’re strong and we’re ready to go.

Man in yellow shirt: The next wave: What excites me most about the future is knowing that we have a company that has gone through dramatic change and we’re better because of it. And we also have a very expert team of sales force representatives who also went through the struggle with us and now coming out of the fire they also are stronger, leaner, faster, smarter.

Man in solid blue shirt: Twenty years ago we spent a significant amount of time with the architect and even to this day that attention to those skills are still paying dividends for us. And now we’ve got a new website, we’ve got new materials, we’ve got new specification-type programs to go back to the architect with our head held high and sort of pay all those experiences forward and really in new and novel ways with an architect that’s evolved.

Woman in red shirt: If you don’t believe in what you sell, people won’t buy it from you. We need to be honest with our products, our companies, we need to be honest with our competitors. Never doubt what you sell.

Man in black shirt: We now have so many different strategies that will help them execute whatever is happening in their territory. Either it’s pricing, working with architects, or working with building owners. And even adding in a general contractor, we have so many tools to have them feel comfortable executing any strategy.

Woman necklace: When you think about what we have available today, when you look at the unprecedented approach for Bobrick, the brand leader, the market leader to take share in a down market which has never happened before. And we’ve done that and at the same time, introduced new products in a down market in preparation for the upswing and new construction coupled with the new sales approach as a consultative sales organization adding value to the architect and the channel partners. If I had to compete with Bobrick, with this company, and frankly, I think I’m a very good sales person, I don’t think I’d know where to begin.

Chet Webb: Over the next five years, you’re going to have the joy of watching some of the biggest names in our industry worried about you and us. The future is bright, it’s exciting. If I were 40 something years old, I would love to be here now. I would love to be able to fight that fight that we’re going to win because nobody knows how to do it better than we do. We’ve thought about it. We’ve planned on it. We talk about it in terms of half-decades and decades and we’re going to get there and we’re going to get there with you. New competitors, you should watch