Perillo Tours Discover Hawaii Tour

Did you know that Perillo Tours Discover Hawaii Tour has been hosting visitors to Hawaii for 3 decades?

Transcript of video:

Perillo – Discover Hawaii

Bert Nobriga: We call ourselves Hawaiians because we have Hawaiian blood running through our veins. But it is the Aloha Spirit that is found in the heart of the Hawaiian people as well as many of our visitors. Some people will be here five minutes and feel like they’re at home, that this is where they should have been their entire life. They have the Aloha Spirit in their heart and they feel it right away. Others are taught the Aloha Spirit. It’s just a feeling of harmony and everything is okay.

Jay Duffy: The thing that I fell in love with about Hawaii is the Aloha Spirit and the history and the traditions behind it and the beauty, of course. The people are just fantastic. The world could take notice of the Aloha Spirit.

Bert Bouchard: The natural beauty on these islands is something that you have to see. You can look at it on TV, magazines but when you’re actually here taking pictures of it and looking at it, your eyes are not big enough. You can bring back just so much. You’ve got to come here. Everything is beauty.

Heather Glemser: Everywhere you look there are flowers, there are palm trees, there’s nothing ugly. Like at home you see normal, plain old things but here it’s beautiful.

Tom Carr: I didn’t think I’d ever see anything that unique until we showed up here in Hawaii. This is an experience all in of itself.

Phil Willeman: It’s just a beautiful place. So quiet and peaceful. Every island is like that.

Annie Nelson: Everything is so green. Just beautiful. The nature, the birds. Just beautiful.

Marie Schrum: It’s the only place I’ve ever been where the beauty was better than the postcards.

Brandon Wigley: Of all the other places I’ve ever been, you’ll never see a sunset like you’ll see in Hawaii.

Eric Glemser: You just kind of gotta deal with it. My grandparents are real Italian and they always wanted to go to Italy. They kept putting it off, then finally got ready to go, then put it off. Then my grandfather was like, the money, money, money and he never did it and he had a stroke last year so you know they never got to go back to where they were from, Italy, so you know, you just gotta do it. You can’t push it off until tomorrow because you never know what’s going to happen.

Jay Duffy: I dreamed my entire life of coming to Hawaii and my expectations were filled more than I could ever have expected. It’s a phenomenal place. I completely encourage anyone that has the dream of coming here and experience the beauty and most importantly, experience the Aloha.