Perillo Tours Italy Testimonials

Perillo Tours Italy Testimonials captures tourist taking a break from touring Italy to comment on their amazing Italian tour provided by Perillo Tours.

Transcript of video:

Perillo Tours: Italy Testimonials

We had been thinking about traveling in Italy for a long time and then we changed our minds and that was a big mistake. The sooner, the better.

We have always known we wanted to come and it was just never the right time.

And he said mom and dad, if you do one thing before you die, you have to go to Italy.

I have always wanted to visit Italy.

My wife has wanted to come here now for 25 years.

To see the country that my parents came from and my grandparents.
I’ve decided to come to Italy because it’s my dream.

My sister and brother-in-law actually went on a Perillo tour and told us how great it was.
I always wanted to come to Italy.
Italy was the place to go.
Italy was on our list, so here we are.

We’re in Florence, we’re in Venice, we’re here….we’re really here.
There was no doubt about it, Italy was #1.
It’s just incredible.
I’m just fascinated with the language. I know a little bit of it.

Buon Giorno.

It’s been beautiful. I have not one complaint because everything I thought about Italy, has come true.

Ivette Cuevas: We thought we need to go with someone who really knew what they were doing, I feel Perillo is a well-oiled machine. I really feel they are a well-oiled machine. Everything is just smooth from start to end.

Ruby Gelok: Everyone that we know of that has ever gone on a Perillo tour has come back ecstatic wanting to just do it again. So, what better endorsement than word of mouth.

Trudy Johnson: A friend of mine and her husband went two years ago, they had a wonderful time, they went in October and they bragged about it. Also, I travel alone so I wanted to go with a tour that would take care of me, they picked me up from the airport, I didn’t have to worry. The crew just took me under their wing and treated me so nice. Everyone was wonderful.

Suzanne & Joe Frask: We didn’t even know that there was someone else who did tours for Italy.

Ingred & Jerry DiMofetta: Perillo Tours was the #1 tour and we knew it.

Richard & Barbara Meares: We chose Perillo because of the reputation, because of the experience. We put a lot of confidence in that. We haven’t been on a tour before, we’ve done a lot of traveling. But the tour was something new to us and it worked out very well. We really did enjoy it.

Lucia & Robert Cornwell: We’ve never traveled overseas before and we wanted to make sure that we had a guided tour to make sure we saw the highlights.

Janet Newcomb: My parents did use Perillo Tours years ago and had nothing but wonderful things to say about them.

Perillo was synonymous with Italy. That’s the one you go to Italy with.

Norman Sula: And it’s turned out to be what everybody has said.

Lucia & Robert Cornwell: Between people talking and also we went on the blogs on the internet and 9 times out of 10 Perillo was up at the top.

Charlotte Ogden: I’ve talked to people for about two years. I did look on the internet and if you want to go, you want to go the best.

Loran & Eugene Michelini: Most of our friends have gone with Perillo and we wanted to check it out for ourselves and we are very happy to be here.
Most of the people we have spoken to have gone on Perillo Tours because they are the best and we found that to be true.

And we got that great little video that told all about, all the people saying how wonderful it was and they were all so excited and I said I want to be part of that. And even after we booked the tour, we were on our way and I said you know what, I want to watch that video again and I just felt all warm and happy inside. It’s good. And what’s on the video is true.

I got the DVD and I said all these people look normal. They don’t look hired, they look like they’re normal people who have actually experienced Perillo and I said it looks really fun and so we decided let’s go ahead.

The accommodations were very good. There were some hotels that were rich and exquisite, you know you’d like to go back but you don’t know if you could afford it on your own in a separate way.The hotels were wonderful.

Frank Jantzen: The hotel accommodations have been excellent.

Chrissy Gelok: Awesome. I don’t travel like this, I don’t stay at fancy hotels. So every time we walk in it’s a treat.

Pamela Campadonico: With every stop it seems to get more and more elegant. It’s beautiful.

Sylvia Sula: One is more extravagant than the other, if that’s possible.
Every time we go someplace it just gets more magnificent.
The Italian food is the best in the world. You just can’t beat it.
And the wine. We did a wine tasting tour that this man just knew his wine and he got you to love the wine at the end of the tour.
Even if you weren’t a wine drinker. You enjoyed the event.

Fran & Bob Beaton: We ventured off to find our own little restaurants, which was great too. Nice family restaurants.

The food is excellent. Even the quick places. We went to this restaurant called ??? like, just of the highway and they cook it up for you right there. No Big Macs, nothing like that. It’s delicious.
The next thing when we get home is a diet. The food has been terrific.
The Italian people are very nice and very kind.
There’s not one place we have gone to where we have tried to communicate and ask for directions or what we should eat or where we should go.
Very, very friendly.
I would love to come back here.
Right down to the hotel people, everybody was wonderful. Helpful.

Milton Hoffman: Anytime I asked for something, they were very friendly. Directions, where to go and so on, overall, it’s a tremendous experience.

Christine Dolan: I could sit at one of the squares and just watch people pass by. I love the dress, I love the young men and their tight clothes and their scarves and the women dressed to the hilt with their high heels. I have loved it all.
We have done a lot of traveling, but to have a guide was a different experience and we really enjoyed it. I don’t know how to compare it, but I don’t think anyone will do better. It was very good.
At this stage of the game, Anna is like family.

Anna is awesome.

Well, Anna I feel so fortunate that we have her. We fell in love with her immediately.
She’s just so genuine and interesting and funny.

And she turned out to be better each day and better each day. She was just fantastic. Wonderful.

She made the trip. If it weren’t for Antoinella, I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much.

That’s probably the highlight. Our tour director. She is wonderful.

Are these history majors? They are so knowledgeable in their city, in their history.

Myrna is wonderful. She has a lot of energy. She was always there, up early, got us going, made sure we were everywhere on time. She’s a really good tour guide.

Danielle Frask: She’s amazing. She’s awesome.

John & Marie Doherty: She’s the best. She made us all feel welcome.
Just never had to worry for a second. She had everything planned perfectly.

First class. She just has an excellent way with people.

Myrna was excellent.

Fabio! Fabio! Fabio! Oh gosh, ah, again it’s like a family member taking you on a trip.
The one we had today was excellent. He was excellent.

We had Mario and he was like a super star. Everybody knew him in the place and he was so helpful with answering questions and very informative.

Janet Goldstein: It was the best art lecture I’ve ever been to.

Did Perillo meet my expectations? Yes, they have.

This experience has exceeded my expectations.

Yes, they exceeded. Perillo Tours exceeded. We highly recommend it.

Absolutely, above and beyond.

It was our first trip to Italy. We wanted to see quite a bit of Italy in a short period of time because of our time restrictions and it was really excellent.
It was just what we wanted. Worked well.

We didn’t have to worry about anything. Everything was totally taken care of. We truly recommend it. And that gives you peace of mind.

They met and surpassed my expectations.

To put into words all the memories that are going to come back to us, if we just go back and give people just a little feeling of what we experienced. That will be the greatest gift to them I think.

It has been a wonderful vacation. I’m so sorry it’s ending.

Marion Chason: Perillo is the best.

Perillo met my expectations and more. It really did. I’ll be using them again.