Perillo Tours Tuscany Wine Tasting Tour

Perillo Tours Tuscany Wine Tasting Tour will take you on some of the most culturally authentic vineyards where you can have the tastes of Italy right in your wine glass.


Transcript of video:

Perillo Tours: A Wine Tasting in Tuscany

Ivette Cuevas: We did a wine tasting tour which was this man who just knew his wine and he got you to love the wine at the end of your tour. Even if you weren’t a wine drinker, you enjoyed the event.

Pieruigi: The wine in my culture, it is not only something to drink. Wine it is poetry, fantasy and love. Don’t forget ever. Love.

Pierluigi is my name. My family live here since the 1720s. Three centuries we are wine makers. We are a wine tasting, a wine tasting school. There is a protocol of the glass. The glass is not a bocce ball. No, no, no, no! The glass is not an umbrella princess. Light food – younger wine. White, red, rose, cabernet, pinot noir, pinot grigio, chardonnay. As we like, as you like, but young. Cheese and the white wine, salad and white wine, bread and salami with the white wine, and after I’ll ask you and you, what is the best combination for you and the white wine.

Same with the first red, same with the second red and you see what happens. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven if not enough we continue so we will go to open the barrels. And we start from the lightest to the heaviest, from the youngest to the oldest. Don’t consider me crazy. I try only to remember you how to use the best of our senses…certainly, we can’t, we can’t do this in the restaurant. Certainly, we can’t do this in the restaurant. The other hand the waiter, the waiter go outside.

The hills that you see straight on from the right to the left. Also, to the left there. The hills, the house and over here. This is my property in San Gimignano. Look, look that’s it. It is unbelievable for the vernaccia di san gimignano. It is a great soil. And in my vineyards here no, no pesticides. We don’t add anything, just the manure. Only manure. That give to the wine great flavor and great possibility. That is the Vernaccia di San Gimignano. Is already one month closer and then another four months, becomes big with the great explosion of the grape.

Don’t forget my friend. Poetry, fantasy and Love always. Don’t forget. If we do not have this, we cannot produce a great wine.