Perillo Tours Explore Venice Tour

Perillo Tours Explore Venice tourist crews can explore the sites and rich tradition of Venice from the view of a traditional gondola.


Transcript of video: 

Perillo Tours – Explore Venice

Upon arriving in Venice at first, that was just, in that particular place, an experience in itself. We’re here, we cannot believe the beauty that we’re surrounded by a lagoon, I mean I can’t even describe it.

Stepping off the plane in Venice, it’s almost like stepping into a picture postcard. I mean you really weren’t expecting to be transported into some magical land and there you were!

Every time is different. You have a different light, you have a different color.

Venice is magic – no cars, no traffic. No kind of noise.

When we say Venice is magic, it’s absolutely true. You have to come here to understand it. In a video you cannot have any idea of the enchantment of the town. The gondola ride means that you can go along side canals. That you can enjoy the enchantment of the town, you can enjoy, of course, the water. You can also enjoy also the silence of the town.

Just take a boat along the Grand Canal, go toward the Jewish Ghetto and you will see the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the Academia Museum, the Rialto Bridge, the Renaissance Palaces, the Gothic building, this is just wonderful. You cannot imagine what it means to walk one bridge after the other and discover a town. We tell our customer’s don’t stay in some hotel all day, go discover, get lost! See the city. Venice is a must.

Anybody who has a heart, their heart will be richer after they see Venice.

Walking down the cobblestone streets and just seeing the way these people live every day. You see pictures every day and you read things about it and to be here is just completely different. I mean, it’s just so amazing and I’m making so many memories that we will never, ever forget.