Perillo Tours Discover Israel Tour

Perillo Tours Discover Israel commercial by Merging Media, features sites of the once thriving ancient ruins of Israel that as you will see on your Perillo Tour.

Transcript of video:

Perillo Tours – Discover Israel

 It calls to you in a voice as old as the land. It speaks in a language you hear with your heart. A language of stone and symbols and tradition, of earth and light. Exotic. Historic. Unexpected. A place as ancient as time, yet endlessly new and vital. Listen closely and it whispers its name, Israel. If life is a journey, Israel is both a beginning and a destination. An experience that is different for each of us. Whether we come to connect, to relax, to learn or simply to immerse ourselves in its timeless enchantment, Israel invites us and rewards us and it always welcomes us.

From the moment you arrive, Perillo Tours is your companion and guide through eight days and nights of unforgettable encounters. Days and nights of delight and discovery in a world that has been waiting for you for 5,000 years. Here where the currents of history and culture flow together, past and present are inseparable, memory and reality merge, every life is an echo of other lives and every place has many names. The names themselves are magical. Tel Aviv, Tiberias, Caesarea, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Galilee, Masada. Names that evoke wonders and wonders that can be named in a word, a dome, a gate, a wall, a fortress, a garden of ancient olive trees. You’ve seen them in pictures, you know their history but with Perillo Tours the pictures will come to life all around you. And you will become a part of history. In your travels, you will trace the footsteps of profits, kings and pilgrims. From the birthplace of saints, to the tombs of martyrs, from the Sea of Galilee, with stories of miracles arose, to the caverns of the Dead Sea where scribes set into parchment and preserved their stories for all time. From the places where three great religions, began to the battlefields, and ruins where mighty empires reigned. Gardens of inspiration and walls of prayer and penance. The old Israel where a nation was created and lost and the new Israel where the dream is restored and remembered and always a desert land. A land that nourished the roots of dreams, and peoples and prophecies. All of it here, and all of it waiting for you on your next Perillo Tour.

You may know Israel in your mind, but only when you’ve seen it, touched it, and felt the earth under your feet can you understand it in your heart and comprehend it in your soul. It is a journey through time, space and spirit. A journey where you set out to find history and discover yourself.

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