Perillo Tours Explore Tuscany

Perillo Tours Explore Tuscany is a tour of scenic beauty that can only be truly appreciated when experienced, video production captured by Merging Media.

Transcript of video:

 Perillo Tours – Explore Tuscany

Tuscany is so famous in the United States, because of books, because of movies. But Tuscany cannot be described unless you see it through your eyes. Because drive through these acres and acres of grapes, of olive trees, of cypress. To see these medieval villages, this is something that is just unique.
Just imagine you just arrive in a town, which is defined by walls. You get off your bus. You start discovering. You are looking at a building which was built 900 years ago. You just feel an atmosphere, which is unique, and then you open your eyes and you look around and then you see hills and fields of greenery.
What is amazing is that the same scenery, the same landscape is the one that which was impressing the world of our ancestor. It is the scenery you will see in a Renaissance painting. This is unique. This is an experience. To sit in a café, to ask for a cappuccino, this is what it is, Tuscany. The feeling of being away from everything. This is why Tuscany is so wonderful.