Perillo Tours Cities of Italy

You will explore the most culture rich and historical cites through out all of Italy when you take a Perillo Tours Cities of Italy Tour.

Transcript of video:

Perillo Tours: The Cities of Italy

Christina Taddeo: I’m very proud to be Italian. We have everything. We have beautiful landscapes, we have the mountains, we have the sea, the lakes, um, we have the cultural towns, Venice, Rome, Naples and the Sorrentine Coast, Capri and Amalfi and then, of course, many towns where you can breath the Italian history, the Italian culture.

Andria Miller: When we landed in Venice and we were able to get on the taxi and it becomes more real when you hit the wakes of the other little boats as you’re coming into Venice but when we walked into San Marco Square, it was just unbelievable. The sun hit the front of the Duomo, it was just fabulous. There is just no other way of putting it. It made me realize that Wow! I’m really here. I was just able to enjoy the fact that, here we are and I’m just standing in the middle of history.

Marguerite Thornell: Both of us have always wanted to come here and upon arriving in Venice at first that was just, in that particular place, an experience in itself. We were holding our hands, which we do often, and we’re just like, “we’re here.” We cannot believe the beauty where we’re surrounded by a lagoon. I mean I can’t even describe it.

Christine Mitchell: I think the highlight would be stepping off the plane and it’s almost like stepping into a picture postcard. I mean you really weren’t expecting to be transported into some magical land and there you were.

Jenny Connell: It had to be walking into the square in Venice. I loved it. All the lights lit up at night. It’s so beautiful and sitting outside getting coffee, listening to the ???
Florence isn’t like any other city on the planet. You have to imagine the eyes, the people who lived so many centuries ago, the eyes of Michelangelo working hard. What meant for somebody coming and discover this incredible work of art of the renaissance. David was standing right there. We discover that what our ancestors have left us, is just wonderful.
Joanne Traskiewicz: I really liked Florence. I just love the art. Uffizi the art in Uffizi just blew me away. Seeing the masters, seeing what Michelangelo and Raphael and these people that you see in textbooks and you read about and to really see it in person, it’s just so incredible.

Anna Scrocca: Florence is a gift of nature. The hero. The tapestry. And the history, of course, and the food. And the wine. The shopping is fabulous.

Victoria Miller: Shopping. Shopping. Shopping.

Robert Mitchell: It’s just amazing how climbing to the top of the Tower of Pisa was something I really enjoyed. I like to go to the highest point of any city I visit, so if I visit any city I try to find the tallest building, the tallest location and I go to it. So Pisa, climbing that tower was a real plus for me. And the view on the Leaning Tower of Pisa was my favorite, I have to admit. It was amazing and when my friends totally freaked out on it because of the height, it was really great.
Tuscany is so unique. Everybody is aware of Tuscany in the United States. They’ve been reading books, they’ve been watching movies but nothing is like to be in Tuscany, to see this medieval town, to ride through these thousands of acres of vineyards, to discover the Champagne Valley, to arrive in a medieval village, get off the bus and just walk.
Rome was the capitol of the empire. Rome is the capitol of Italy. It doesn’t exist in any other place in the world. Because we have layers of civilization after civilization. The town is amazing because you have the memories of the time of the Empire but also you have the time of the popes. You have the Renaissance; you have the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Palace.

Veronica Schell: I was walking down the street and all of a sudden the Coliseum just popped up in front of me and I just stood there and I said, “oh my God, all these years I saw all these pictures and my mouth just dropped. The Pantheon was fantastic. I couldn’t believe it.

Kate Kremer: The grandeur of everything. Everything just kind of explodes out of the street and it’s beautiful and I hadn’t expected everything to just be so beautiful and so wonderful to all of the senses.

Anna Scrocca: The Amalfi Coast, Naples and Sorrento they were the favorite of the resorts even of the Roman emperors and the Roman patricians in ancient times. So what else can I say. They were known 1,000 years ago to be the most beautiful, panoramic sights of Italy and I don’t think there is any other coastline as beautiful as the Amalfi drive, as the Peninsula or Sorrento and the Isle of Capri. As a matter of fact, at the end of the tour whenever I ask the people what is your favorite place, they have a little hard time to decide but most of them end up saying it is Capri and Sorrento.

Robert Mazzara: Italy is like no other place on earth. I have traveled all over the world. I think it is the most beautiful country that I have ever seen. The countryside, going through Tuscany, the churches, Venice, Rome, the Coliseum, I mean you cannot amass any place else the combination of history and the land and the people, it’s just like no other place on earth.

John Miller: Until you see it, one cannot imagine what goes on. Books do it no justice. Cathedrals, those that are into churches, there’s no doubt this is the place to come. This is the tour you want, this is the place to come.
When you come here, enjoy what you find. But enjoy especially what our culture can offer to you which is really, I would say, the best in the world.

Pamela Graham: Italy is fabulous. It’s great to see all of the things that you learned about, you read about, you see on TV. To actually be there next to them, walking through them, touching them, seeing them is indescribable. It’s emotional. Very emotional. I love it. I had a wonderful time.