Perillo Tours Hawaii Testimonials

Perillo Tours Hawaii Testimonials, captured by video production company Merging Media, features customers of the Hawaii Tours package provided by Perillo Tours and their comments of the amazing experiences their tour provided for them.

Transcript of video:

Perillo Tours: Hawaii Testimonials


Robert VanMeter: If you’re thinking about doing a vacation to Hawaii, Perillo Tours is certainly something that should be on top of your list.

Woman: When you want to go somewhere and see things, they’re the people to go with.

Alison McAvery: We didn’t have to worry about anything because everything was really taken care of for us, we just had to show up. That’s really what I remember the most, the ease of it.

Robert: Positive things about Perillo. All positive. None negative. We said, let’s do this.

Alison: It has been a beautiful experience and I don’t think we’d have ever gotten here without a tour with Perillo Tours.

Frank Delaney: In New Jersey they have a very, very good reputation. People that use them for Italy and Hawaii and I’ve never heard anybody complain about Perillo Tours.

Eric Riske: This would be a nice place to come and on the tour and that’s why we picked Perillo and we’ve been on a Perillo tour before.

Robert: Everybody has been saying, they’ve had a great time with Perillo so let’s do it.

Walter Bain: It was fantastic.

Jack Riske: We’d been here with Perillo before. The first time we were here, that was a great experience, however, this one is better.

Shirley Elward: I quickly remembered Perillo and people raving about it so I sort of rearranged the vacation and got in touch with them and here we are and every minute has been amazing. We just went everywhere we wanted to go and everything is planned. No problem with luggage, baggage, I feel like a queen.

Jean Watlington: And so we went and she showed us that she was representing Perillo Tours and everything sounded great and I was glad we did.

Alison: If you do go on a Perillo tour they make it happen and that’s the key. They make it happen.

Food and Hotels:

Food is excellent and the accommodations are just the best.
I can’t remember when I’ve stayed in such deluxe accommodations before.
You’re sitting there only you feel like you’re in paradise.
From the first night, dinner, breakfast, food, accommodations absolutely fantastic.
Perillo picks fantastic hotels.
The food has been really great. I never thought I’d eat sushi and I did, so they told me.
Hotels are beautiful. Food, no complaints either.
The food is so good. I wish it weren’t because I’ve gained at least 10 pounds in three days.
It’s nice to really have service like you get on the tour.
Everybody, when they hear you’re with Perillo, they go out of their way to accommodate you.
We haven’t had one problem since we’ve been here. We’ve been enjoying it.
The food is absolutely wonderful. Can’t beat it. The accommodations, well, like Bert says, “it gets better and better.”

The People of Hawaii:

They are the happiest people I have ever seen.
Their culture and their understanding and their education is just unbelieveable and everybody is so warm.
They go out of their way. They want you to understand their traditions. They explain things to you. It’s really a great place to come.
Everybody is so happy, that you can’t feel any other way but happy yourself.
They’re very friendly. Very friendly people.
I think the Hawaiian culture and the people are very friendly and it’s a very inviting place to come to.
Steeped in tradition and in family. I think we all are but they bring it out and they seem to practice it outwardly and you get caught up in that.
You walk into the stores and everybody is happy to see you and it’s just like your family.
You’re a cousin. It’s very comfortable, laid back, it’s very enjoyable.

Pearl Harbor:

If you’re going to come to Hawaii, you have to see Pearl Harbor.
I thought I wouldn’t want to go to Hawaii and go to Pearl Harbor, I wanted to do the beach.
But going there was such an emotional feeling that I will never forget.
Yeah, they are a bunch of guys that I guess didn’t mean to be heroes but I guess they are.
Very sad, very sad. Shirley, almost brought her to tears when we were walking up there.
We didn’t realize how moving it was going to be.
We got out there an we saw the ship that sank there, see the oil slicks coming up and then they have the names of all the people that lost their lives.
And I’m so happy I did it. Yeah. Surprisingly, it just brought me right back to reality and just can’t explain it. I’m so happy that was included.
It’s a very emotional experience. I, myself, it’s very emotional.
Umm, I served time in the service. I didn’t go overseas but I’ve been around many of my friends that I’ve lost and so it’s very moving and if you come to Hawaii, this is something, this is our heritage, this is why we have the freedoms that we do today.
You have to see Pearl Harbor.

There’s not enough words to describe Bert.
I like Bert. He’s pretty funny. He always said, “come on family.”
A laugh you can hear wherever you are.
And I tell you, a smiling face when you’re in a strange place it’s mighty comforting to know he’s there.
Oh, he’s terrific. He’s probably the best. I’ve traveled all over the world and he’s probably the best travel guide that we’ve ever had.
He’s funny and, well, it helps he’s so darn knowledgeable.

Bert: A Hawaiian minute is longer than any other minute. We have what we call Hawaiian time here in the Hawaii Islands and you’ll hear me say often it’ll take about 15 Hawaiian minutes to get to our next stop. Hawaiian time you don’t get anxious. You get comfortable. When we get there, we get there. You could go around the world in 15 Hawaiian minutes.

His knowledge of the islands is just unbelievable.
Bert is just wonderful. He makes you feel really comfortable and, again, he gives you the backstory of everywhere you go. And I’m even learning some Hawaiian.
I can’t say enough about Bert. He’s just a wealth of information.
He makes it fun for everybody. He has a great personality. He goes out of his way to help you.
He has a fantastic sense of humor.
He is amazing, spectacular, funny. He should be in the movies. Good ole Bert!
He made the trip for us.

Bert: Our guests who come to Hawaii, they can go anywhere. They can go to California, they can go to Florida, they can go to Mexico, they can go to the Caribbean and have sandy beaches and palm trees and sunny days but there’s no place like Hawaii. Where the history is so beautiful. The culture is so wonderful and it’s really the people that make Hawaii, Hawaii. Ah, we love to take care of our visitors and our guests while they’re here in the Islands. We’re going to make you part of our family. You know, here in the Islands we’re all cousins. We all have the same uncle, Uncle Sam, so we’re all cousins here in Hawaii.