Perillo Tours Hawaii Group Magic

Perillo Tours Hawaii Group Magic, a video produced by Merging Media, provides insight into the grace and magic of a Perillo Group tour.

Transcript of video:

Perillo Tours: Hawaii Group Magic


Bill Schrum: Our tour group, I think, was special. Because we had individuals that were young, that were older, middle aged, retired, working. I think everybody got along extremely well. By the second day we were here, we were all family and we were joking around. By the time it’s coming to leave, I’m sorry I’m going to go home and miss these guys.

Tom Carr: I would say that by the end of the first day everybody knew each other’s names and they were like chatty and it just grew from there and my Hawaiian is not perfect, but I think ohana means family and I would say by day 3 we were ohana.

Bert Nobriga: We are very family oriented here in the Hawaiian Islands. Our visitors become our family.

Larry Canda: Everybody is different but yet we will always start with Aloha ???

Carlos Correa: Everybody here is very friendly. We have people from Pennsylvania to Connecticut to Georgia and it’s just truly amazing. Everybody has that free spirit of vacationing and it’s just amazing.

Rebecca Lanum: You’re making friends and everyone in our group is just outstanding, really interesting from all different backgrounds and a very nice mix of people.

Wil Lanum: It’s kind of like you’re at home at a reunion or something. You may not see them all the time but you see them here and there and that’s what we thought was interesting and kind of cool.

Corrinne Wagner: Oh, it was wonderful. I mean everybody is awesome. They really are, they’re fun you know. Everybody gets along great and it’s just a good feeling to be around everybody. But then every now and then it’s also good to have your time alone and have dinner by yourself and then you have that choice of either being with them or being by yourselves. It’s nice.

Patricia Potter: I think we ended up being a very tightknit group.

Phil Willemann: That’s really what impressed me about the whole thing, the closeness of this group. And we’ve had so much fun.

Kay Smothers: I love the tour. I love the tour guide and all the people on it. Everyone is so friendly.

Eric Glemser: I was surprised how everybody came together but I think Bert made that happen. He has a special side of him that does that.

Bert Bourchard: He is excellent. He is great. He made our time so good, that you hate to leave him. He’s family.

Sharon Petrucelli: One of the unique things about this trip that was not in the brochure, was a wedding. A young couple married on Hawaii and we were all invited. Bert gave her away and she had a bridesmaid that she just met within the trip.

Everybody came together, had a good time and everybody really enjoyed it and we’ve been one happy family for two weeks.

Diana Green: I thought it was beautiful. This was really the first time that I went on vacation that I saw somebody else’s wedding and the girls and I decided that we’re going to a friend’s wedding and we’re going to add a little oomph to it. They said come casual but we wanted to put on dresses and what not. We wanted to look, you know, there for the bride.

Evelyn Simek: It was beautiful. Really a beautiful wedding with the waves coming in behind them and they were just so happy.

Annie Nelson: I think we all blended in very well. It was a great, great group of people and Bert made us feel so comfortable. He knew everyone’s name and he never forgot who we were. He just made like us a big, big ohana and it was really fantastic.