Perillo Tours Italy Group Magic

Perillo Tours Italy Group Magic commercial features the best of the magical experiences while on a Perillo Group Tour.

Transcript of video:

Perillo Tours – Italy Group Magic

Michael Marcario: It’s almost like we knew each other before we got here. Everyone jelled together, you know, and people were fighting over who was going to sit at their table for dinner, you know, within like a night of getting here, you know, come sit with us and we’ll get you tomorrow night. It was fabulous. And even though, it’s all over the country it felt like people you know from your own state.

Joanne Traskiewicz: I don’t think I could have handpicked a better group of people, the diversity, of the ages and of the background of the people. It just makes it so interesting.

Cheryl Berman: The group just bonded magically. Everybody is looking out for everybody.

Andria Miller: There happened to be about five teenagers who adopted my daughter and two moms who have done a really great job of adopting her as well and my husband and I actually had a couple of hours to ourselves to walk the city and just enjoy each other and we’ve had welcoming drinks at different hotels and we’ve been able to go and dance. We just had a great time.

Joseph Marcario: What I like about it is the variety of age groups. Young kids, old kids, very old people like me. That’s a good thing. It’s a good family.

Edward Berman: The group is having a good time which is…the trip is very enjoyable. This trip so far has been amazing.

Anna Scrocca: I try right away to make them feel like family. Like I’m protecting them. I’m there for them and they have to feel safe.

Pamela Graham: For the people that you’re with you feel like family. You do everything together. You eat together, you tour together, you’re on the bus together and you talk about your families and where you’re from and you do become closer and you notice how people kind of pair together. It’s a nice feeling to know that you know someone in a city where you don’t know anyone.

Christine Mitchell: I don’t know that we could have picked a better tour. Every person on this tour seemed to mesh together beautifully. We have young kids, we have a wide-range of ages and yet everybody gets along. There’s real camaraderie and besides that I think that people are looking out for each other. If somebody gets a blister, somebody else is there with a bandaid. If somebody’s converter doesn’t work, somebody else is there with a converter. It’s a very nice mesh of people and I don’t think we could have found a better group of people if we had advertised for it.

Karen Dinoto: There’s such a diverse crowd. I feel like a family. In fact tonight as the tour is almost ending, I feel very sad that I’m losing part of my family. Everybody has gotten along great and it’s just been wonderful.

John Miller: I have not met an easier group of people to have fun with.

Robert Mazzara: I’m going to miss all these people. We’re all like friends now after 11 days together and going to the places and just seeing the things and just having dinner at night and coffee, I’m going to miss all those people. I really want to get all their email addresses and names and write them all and send pictures.

Lisa Thornell: Everyone is so nice and so warm. Ah, even the older people, the adults, they didn’t seem to mind that there were younger kids here. They didn’t think we were a burden or anything. They were really nice to us. Everyone was amazing. It seems like they’re kind of like our second family. It’s going to be hard leaving everybody.