Perillo Tours Why Perillo

Perillo Tours – Why Travel With Perillo Tours?  This commercial created by Merging Media video production company, will tell you all the reasons why you should choose Perillo Tours.


Transcript of video:

Perillo Tours: Why Perillo

So you want to go to Italy? Go with Perillo. No hidden surprises. The right hotel, the right location, the right tour.
The pace is the right pace for the tour. This is what makes them real special.
You have nothing to worry about. You just go and enjoy yourself and everything is taken care of.
So, since we don’t know our way around Europe, this was the best way for us to come.
I looked into other tours and I liked what Perillo had to offer in that it was all-inclusive. I didn’t want to have to worry about anything.
I didn’t want to have to worry about my suitcases, my meals. I wanted to be able to enjoy as much as possible.
Everything has been just as wonderful as I thought and more.

Our best friends had been on a Perillo Tour and they took out the album when we told them that we were going with Italy.
This is where you have to go with these people. This is how you’re going to enjoy your trip. Just sit back and relax and enjoy everything.

He said go with Perillo Tours and he was absolutely right. Everything is taken care of to the last detail. We love it. We’re enjoying it very much.
They are assisted and protected by us 24 hours a day. We are always available. They can rely on us for anything.

My folks have been to Italy several times and they recommended Perillo and also again some other friends have used Perillo for their trips.
They came very highly recommended as a very quality-oriented tour group.

It is all organized for you. Everything was already decided. All the highlights, they knew the best things.
First-class hotels, food, everything just seemed so well planned. That’s why we chose Perillo.

Compared to the other tours I’ve been on and other places, Perillo has been a knock out.
If I’m going to travel to Italy, I’m going to travel Perillo.
We knew a lot of people on the Perillo tour and they said it was amazing and they loved it, so we just had to come.

You know I love to work for this company. We meet our people as soon as they arrive and take care of them.
We use the best available buses in Italy. We transfer them right to the hotel.
The opportunity to see as much in such a short amount of time, is only provided by a tour because if you had to rent a car on your own, you have to take a train, you have to take a cab, there is a loss of time doing all this operation.
Our tour is so well planned, and no worries about it. Because we know where the good things are. We show you the most beautiful side of Italy and at the end you have really discovered this country.