USWeb: Shell

2017-12-21T15:25:40+00:00 USWeb Shell Case Study Video USWeb Shell Case Study video was produced by the Digital Media Practice of USWeb.  In 2000, the core team of the DMP left USWeb and created Merging Media.

Club Cafe: Episode 8

2017-12-21T15:36:55+00:00 Live at Club Cafe Episode 8 Joseph Arthur - Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven Live at Club Cafe Episode 8 features the Joseph Arthur and Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven. The program was part of a series produced by Merging Media. The show is hosted by Mara McFalls.

84 Lumber: Flooring How-To

2017-12-21T05:09:13+00:00 84 Lumber Flooring How-To Project Professionals   84 Lumber Flooring How-To video production produced by Merging Media, features host, George, for 84 Lumber's Series of How To Videos, explaining how to measure and prepare to install you own flooring project.   Transcript of video: 84 Lumber Flooring How To Hi, I’m George Messer for [...]

84 Lumber: Doors How-To

2017-12-21T05:22:57+00:00 84 Lumber Doors How-To Project Professionals   84 Lumber Doors How-To video, produced by Merging Media, features host, George, as he explains to homeowners how to measure and properly prepare for the replacement of doors within their home. This video production piece is part of a How-To compilation created by Merging Media. Check out [...]

84 Lumber: Kitchen How-To

2017-12-21T05:38:01+00:00 84 Lumber Kitchen How-To Project Professionals 84 Lumber Kitchen How-To video, produced by Merging Media, features project professionals at 84 lumber working closely with homeowners to chose the right materials for them and their how-to project. If you like this video production piece, head over to 84 Lumber Bathroom How-To.   Transcript of video: 84 [...]

84 Lumber: Bathroom How-To


84 Lumber Bathroom How-To Project Professionals 84 Lumber Bathroom How-To video production media, produced by Merging Media, features how to take bathroom measurements and tips and tricks for a homeowner facelift. This video is one of a compilation created by Merging media for 84 Lumber. Other How-To videos similar to this one can also be found on [...]

84 Lumber: Windows How-To

2017-12-21T06:06:14+00:00 84 Lumber Windows How-To Project Professionals 84 Lumber Windows How-To video features host and project professional, George, giving information on how homeowners can learn to install their own windows. If you like this window How-To, take a look our video production piece featuring 84 Lumber's Doors How-To video.   Transcript of video:  [...]

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